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  1. My BMs and Ad accs keep getting disabled and I have no idea why. Its like my IP/Profile is flagged or something. For example, I run a one product store that we have custom content for. We paid models to pose with our photo and use it. Our ads get approved with this content then when I dupe the ad, it gets the whole account disabled and we have to request a review and wait for facebook to re-enable it. I dont mind this happening once or twice, this is why I have back up BMs and Ad accs, but it has recently been happening everytime across multiple BMs/Ad Accs & stores. Does anyone have any experience with this and how to mitigate it? I always reach out to FB chat and they can never do anything. I've also requested a personalised FB account manager to be our liaison but was told we do not meet the criteria yet (don;t spend enough basically).
  2. I was taught by a mentor of mine to probably do this differently to the way verum preach but.. I start with IG story only to test. Making images is alot faster than vids and allows you to test very fast Once I have proof of concept and we have scaled a little with interests and stories only, then we switch to auto placement and start testing from there. Should have also built up some data by then IG has to be on point though if you do it this way
  3. normal, you have to keep running them and take the average after a week or so
  4. Agreed. I think the main reason is the first one on the list. They see people on IG flexing results and cars and somehow associate that with instant success, as if the guy started with nothing the day before and made $10k the day after. It takes time. For me it was fear of failing, even though it wasn't a conscious fear. I didn't know it but I was incredibly afraid to try new things and fail, in fear of being judged. Getting over this is one of the biggest reasons I was able to start ecom
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