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  1. Yes. My merchant center got suspended.😂😂 I am waiting for a reply from google but so far due to COVID-19 there is no reply. Otherwise you can just call them and ask what the issue is and how to resolve it unlike Facebook.
  2. I see that not many people here talk about retargeting ads. I had a few questions regarding retargeting ads. For single product store its easy to set up the retargeting ads but in case you have a general store with different products what to do? One way of doing it is making custom Audience who visited a specific product url and excluding those who purchased. Can someone suggest a better method?? Is there a way to show specific product ads to those only who viewed that specific product??
  3. Same here. Turned off high spenders, just running profitable small budgets ones. I guess its to do with the current COVID-19 situation. People visit but with no intent to buy. Its natural during this period.
  4. Probably you used something like "Tag a friend" "Like and share" words like these?
  5. Hi. Wanted to know what metrics do you guys look for when deciding a winning ad in two scenarios. 1) When running PPE campaign. 2) When running purchase opt campaign. For scenario 1 I normally go for CTR and 75% VV but I think that maybe people may not watch the whole video and click the ad link to go to the website because they got interested by just watching 25% of the video. But the 75%VV LAA have been performing exceptionally good for me. For scenario 2 I go for CTR, CPM and CPC. I normally dup those which give me low CPM/CPC with Good CTR rate. I would really appreciate your response. Glossary for those who are unaware VV - Video View LAA - Look Alike Audience CTR - Click Through Rate CPM - Cost per 1000 Impression CPC - Cost per click
  6. I am not good at writing posts so I am going to keep this short and to the point. Haven't made any video on this its only some test guidance which I found reading other posts and watching some content on Google ads. I haven't really started with Google ads as I am still starting with this. I just wanted to share whatever knowledge I have about Google ads so far and my journey as I work through it. Why Google ads? As a lot of Drop shippers are starting to advertise on Facebook its getting more and more cluttered with ads and I have seen some people complaining about seeing so many of these Dropshipping products ads. Still Facebook ads work to some extent but lately I find a lot of inconsistencies in the result, May be its because of the current epidemic ( Corona Virus ) but I really feel there is a need to find alternative to Facebook and Instagram. So the other alternatives I found people using are Google Shopping (Increasing trend now), Twitter influencer ads ( working on this as well ), Bing ( Microsoft ) ads and Linked-in ads. But my main focus right now is Google ads and also working on Twitter Influencer ads Compared to Facebook which is commonly used by dropshippers for their ads, Google Product ads only amount to 20% of retail paid searches hence it gives you plenty of opportunities to market your product. This also means that since there are less people targeting a specific audience chances are that the costs of ads are going to be way less than what Facebook currently charges. I have seen some people reprting their google ads ROAS being 5 and above. Steps to start advertising on Google Ads. 1) Step 1 - Create a Google Merchant account. Before you do anything else, you’ll need to create a Google Merchant Center account, if you do not already have one. Having a Google Merchant Center account gives you the chance to provide Google with information related to your product types. To set up a Google Merchant Account, visit https://merchants.google.com. Then, go through the signup process. Few points to note here is that you need to complete the Google merchant checklist before you can start advertising on Google Products. One important point is that you need to have a few legal pages ready on your website like Contact - You need to have 2 methods of communication clearly visible on the website, Shipping policy and Returns and Exchange policy. 2) Step 2 - Create a google ads account. Just go to https://ads.google.com and create an ad account. Add billing details and business details. Note down the ads account number. Next go to Google Merchant again and then on the top right corner you will find a tools icon just click on it next go to account linking, then Google ads account and then link your newly created Google ads account to it. 3) Step 3 - Once you’re finished with the Merchant Center account signup process, you need to create a shopping feed that contains the products your store supplies. There are a few apps on shopify you can use for this step. One widely used app is "Smart Google Shopping Feeds" it has a 14 days Free trial and after that there is a very nominal fee of around 2.99USD for 500 Products. One thing to note here is that Google considers each variant as a product so for example if you are selling a Shirt with different colors and sizes each color and size will be considered as 1 product. Once installed, link your google merchant account with it and go to products page then select the products you like to advertise, Select an appropriate category for that product and click submit no need to change anything else unless you know what you are doing. Now it is going to take around 2-3 days for all the products to appear in your Google Merchant product feed. You may see some products being unapproved or pending in that time, just be patient it is going to take some time for everything to get populated and approved. There is Google's own app for this purpose but the reviews are very bad so I haven't tried it. So far this is my journey on Google ads. I am waiting for the products to get approved. Once done I will start with the ads and post my results here.
  7. It depends on how many winning adsets you have. If you have 1 then just dup it 3 or 5 times. Of you have 2 then dup them 4 times each. If you have 3 dup them 3 times each. From there you follow the same blueprint let the CBO run for 2 days and optimise it. Kill the bad ones and let the good one run and dup them in another campaign, this is in case of more than 1 winning adsets. But if you only have 1 winning adset start from the beginning with a new ad creative. Also sales are affected right now bcz of corona epidemic so dont expect much sales. Instead sell masks😅
  8. Umm its actually 5% in UAE. 50% is for companies dealing in Oil and Gas. I live in UAE. The only amount you pay here is annual fees for licensing, and its a pretty hefty amount.
  9. Have a look at the metrics like Cost per click, cost per impression, click through rate then deice your best adset and dup it into a CBO campaign of 50USD to start with let it run for 2 days if its profitablethen dup that CBO with double the budget. I have seen each percentage of Audience react differently to an ad creative so you can make another ad creative or even ad copy and test them again till you find the winner.
  11. It is the epidemic effect worldwide so offcourse sales are less. Change the product to facemasks if you want to get high sales.😅 but yes even for me the sales have declined.
  12. If you are using loox you can set the review reminders keeping the Avg delivery time in mind. Example you are expecting the delivery after 15 days from shipping out. Set send review reminder 15 days after fullfillment.
  13. Mostly John stresses on CBO campaigns. Adset level budget is better for testing. Quick workaround is to just add a minimum spend on adset level. Example you want to test 10 interests for 5 USD each create a CBO campaign of 50USD and add a 5USD minimum spend in each adset.
  14. Contributions from last forum should had been added here.
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