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  2. Hi Guys , I have this funnel shoot that shows how i am loosing money . i would like to get some help to find how to fix that issue .
  3. hi guys i have an issu with my store , i got costumers at checkout and leaving i have moved most things that can cancel a deal and made it with free shipping so theres no deal breaker writing . my question is what should i do to get those sales and make the costumers to buy ?
  4. I don't know about the pixel but you build a store around the product .
  5. Thanks for sharing . it shows you’ve been working Hard .
  6. I think it is a good time to use airplanes becouse of the low requirement for people flying togther but cargo will fly easy without fear of the coronavirus thay need atlist that at this point as income .
  7. i have decided today to change my all cometics into one product store so i let my designer to start working on that and i will upload the new store in the next 2 days so i will get your opinion of it . i'm doing that step becouse i want to fit John stratgy to the exect point so maybe then i things will act little different for the store . any way what i was asking is how do i collect all the data thet my pixel learned already so i don't have to spend more money for nothing but to use the advantage of the pixel
  8. i have spent lots of money on ads and none of them make me sales but the pixel was collecting data all the time how can i use thet data if i am not useing the ads any more , Thanks .
  9. Arik


    i need help to understant the cart becouse when i do it its not lets say its not the best Screen Recording 2020-03-08 at 6.58.09.mov
  10. Arik


    this campain running now can i get some help
  11. Cool , share some good tips please it looks like you know what you doing
  12. Hi Rize , yes please for 7 days and sa;es you should share with for now it will be great help
  13. Hi guys , Nice forum for a start looks easy and freindly Keeping it short , I am here becouse i have diside to chenge my life and i been trying this droppshipping for the last 2 months . I have invested in this store about 3000$ and i did 2 sales so far soon i will have to go to work in gas station to make money again (feels like). I am a singel father to a beautyful girl named Emanuelle and i thought i will build a business that fits 2020 ,but so far not good for me . I need knowlage i need help i need new freinds that will show me how to grow . Nice meeting you all here . Cheers Arik
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