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  1. are there any admins who can help me out? I got banned for a post that was barely causing harm and I won't post about making a group again I guess, i wasn't selling or promoting anything 6 months later i'm still trying to get access, I replied emails and posted here without any reply yet
  2. ahhh ok, i was thinking i broke the rules with that post as i know a lot of guys try selling shit through DM
  3. Here's the post I made last night amongst other groups "@Admin - delete if not allowed Looking to get a small group of "all in" type dropshippers together on skype/FB. Basically a group to share tips and ideas Preferably people doing 3 figures a day in sales or more but more importantly you're doing this on a daily basis as your full time gig. DM if interested, i am not selling anything" Just wanted to know if i could get unbanned if this post was not allowed
  4. you don't pay an additional 20%, i am not qualified to say how it works but my accountant asked for the receipts from FB and dealt with them
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