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  1. I used to use influencers to kick start fresh pixels, but ultimately I think just testing interests for cold traffic targeting is a better approach. It will give you an idea of who you audience is and helps find interests that can be scaled versus paying for sales that you cant follow up with outside of the pixel data for LAA
  2. Awesome insight! A few follow ups if you dont mind 🙂 Do you create your own videos? If so, which software are you currently using? If you are outsourcing your creative, how do you make sure your editor is creating vidoes that align with the above points? It's one thing for you to know, but it's an entirely different for the person who is creating the video to know, right?
  3. Excellent post! Particularly appreciate the insight on competitor research strategy using "site:myshopify.com product". Thank you Kwone!
  4. So everything said is true, but I believe the OP is using the same pixel just with a different page.
  5. Will be interesting to see when the roll out actually happens. They've pushed it back so many times that my general sense is it's going to eventually happen but as the OP said, FB doesnt seem to want to be too aggressive in their mandatory implementation.
  6. Name's Eric Suh. New member. Great call moving to a forum structure guys. Love it - Excited to be here.
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