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  1. Hello verum team I've received lots of recommendations regarding your projects recently. Other experts demand at least 2000$ for their courses. So I was wondering if that's projectverum.org the only course you provide? I've been running my shop for almost 2 months now, and I already made my first $1k in the first month, however, to grow further, I'd need to fill some gaps: 1) finding winning products with long-term success rate/last longer 2) improve Facebook ads skills I've been using Adspy until now, but only 1 of 12 products was successful and has been generating conversions for almost 2 weeks. Now it's likely dead, too. So yeah, will the mentioned course help me move out of stagnancy and significantly increase sales? I tend not to put much expectations in it because of its price.. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Raim
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    I need to ask a question on verum course materials, however the support section is not working. Where can i redirect it ?
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