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  1. I'm about 1.5 months into dropshipping and I've made a few stores with my first and second store being a success and a couple of them failing but I'm learning more and more everyday. I literally learned how to dropship in 2 days by watching videos and have been doing web/graphic design since I was 11 years old so I built my store within a day and had everything running the next I hope to make a few successful stores and also learn many useful skills from my experiences. Goodluck everyone 🙂
  2. 1. Yes 2. Duplicate the CBO and increase budget
  3. Lol that's so funny I also played MapleStory private servers when I was 11-12 years old, then moving to LoL when I was older and here I am now dropshippinng. We are also the same age and your story is super inspiring and I hope to reach the same success as you someday. 😀
  4. I did this and my pixel re-optimized in about a week and now all my buyers use card. 🙂
  5. Hi, I deactivated PayPal and moved to only Stripe and now my pixel is optimized for only Stripe but the conversation rate is not too hot. I think for my specific product it would benefit me to have PayPal back so I reactivated it however I'm not getting any PayPal customers anymore. Will it re-optimize? Do you think it's a good idea to reimplement PayPal to boost conversions? I'm not too worried about scaling fast with this store. Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I think the URL is too long and the hyphen makes the URL look less trustworthy. Also change the homepage banner image to be more high resolution, add a terms of service page to the footer and add some more photos to the product page of people using the product
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