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    Hello everyone, I wanted to share something that many of you will find value in. So, let me introduce myself a little bit. I've been doing e-commerce for about three or so years now. Own a private labeled brand that generates me 200k+ month after month. I'm currently working on developing another brand that can yield the same or more significant results while curating my existing brand and pushing it to 7 figures a month consistently. You can get a better scope of my journey through a post I made a while ago. I consider myself nothing but a student of knowledge and self-development. In keeping with my identity, I practice certain "rituals" to ensure constant growth in all areas. I read a couple of books at a time and make sure I get in at least an hour or so of reading every day. I write my goals every single day without fail (120 days and counting). So with trying to achieve my maximum potential, I have started doing something significant over the last month that has really eased some of my stress and make me more productive and focused overall that I would like to share with you. I have a team of 5 employees that I directly manage, and being a practitioner at heart; I found I was always playing catch up with everything and wasn't able to really think. Now, that may sound odd to some of you, but I felt I lost all my creativity. I realized I was also spending a massive amount of time scrolling through my feed on IG. After hitting a breaking point, I deleted the app from my phone. I soon found myself regularly logging in through the browser and checking if anyone DMd me or tried reaching out to me. I have a decent following on IG and have fully branded the page as an e-commerce entrepreneur, so I tried to keep up with posting, and that meant comments and DMs to reply to. After another bout of frustration, I decided to deactivate my account. Excellent, one more monkey conquered. After a week without social, I found myself mindlessly scrolling through the google news feed and reading articles about all kinds of crap. On top of that, I was always getting bombarded with messages from friends and family through WhatsApp, and this lead me to a few realizations. Why is it that I can be reached at any hour fo the day and feel this irrational duty to respond no matter what time it is? I knew for myself and confidently say for most of you as well that 99% of all communications that take place on your phone are not urgent or essential. The only time something is critical is when a call comes in. Most of the time it's sharing a meme or asking something pretty useless. So, I got rid of my smartphone. Ridiculous timing since I had just upgraded to the S20 Ultra not even a month ago. Its been about a week now without a smartphone. I got this "dumbphone" from a company called Punkt that is super small and slick. Kind of looks like a calculator. The benefits have been unreal, and the weird urges to "play" with a smartphone have been equally interesting. You can find tonnes of articles on smartphone addiction and the effects of "infinite scrolling" go check it out and form your own conclusions. I find myself thinking a lot more. I am a lot more present now. I literally feel free. I still have a laptop and so if I need to make a bank transfer or respond to something urgent, I still can do so, but I am no longer plugged in 24/7. I have one of my key emplyees tell me my bank abalnce first thing in the morning via SMS, and then tell me shopify stores sales at regular 4 hour intervals. That's pretty much all the information I need. If you find yourself overly stressed and unable to think, I highly recommend running a test for 24-48 hours. Give your phone to a friend and tell them to keep it at home, so it isn't within reach. You'll be amazed to realize how little information you actually need to feed yourself on a regular basis. I like to use the analogy of a plant. Imagine you put a plant in a pot and put in the soil and fertiliser and everything. Now imagine you're changing out the type of soil and fertilizer every single day. How good is that really for the plant? In the same way, how much information do you really need to feed yourself on a regular basis? More important than the information is our ability to process and utilize it. Most of us, especially those in this forum know a lot about a lot. But if you're not going to let your brain process it and instead constantly barrage it with new information, your'e not doing yoursrlf any favors.
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    Fuck motivation brother. Such a fleeting feeling. Embrace pain and suffering and delay gratification as much as possible for as long as possible.
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