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  2. My Verified Business Manager has been blocked and they are holding the verification process late. I need to know if there is a chance to get a verified BM with US address or what can I do to get this one back.Btw I need a new verified BM.Need your help.Thanks
  3. Dear dropshippers, tbh I love Verum Ecom, so I wanted to join the facebook Group, but for some reason I havn't been accepted or denied for about two weeks, is there anything I can do? Wish you the Best!
  4. How do you deal with customers in Turkey with Aliexpress asking for the Turkish ID number?
  5. Willy

    Product Research

    Hello successors, How are u all? I am new to the game and I just have a question to see if any of u can give an idea please. What should I ask for when I hire someone to find winning products for dropshipping? Thx.
  6. Recom.ai   Upsell & Cross sell is a recommendation app that helps a client to boost its sale for certain products and services that are given to the customers. It helps you in marketing to boost your sales if you have any online stores to trade or do business with clients like Amazon and other such apps. its powerful AI helps you sort out the best and top recommendations so that it can become easier for you to decide what you should do, and what not to. With the help of this app, your business can grow more and more with effective marketing strategy resulting in gathering the right audience to your online store.
  7. A tricky question for you guys. I have 2 websites operated on Shopify. When you land on www.nafsi.online there's a pop up that prompts you to go to the location closest to you. If you pick "Canada, USA, Europe" you're shifted to ca.nafsi.online - otherwise you stay on the same page. Both websites are identical, they just hold respective inventory & currencies. Some items may be available in the Middle East and aren't in the Canadian store. My question is; would I run a campaign targeting all these locations or create 2 campaigns & keep websites separate? I currently have one pixel for each website. It's probably more economical to do it on 1 ad campaign, but I want to make sure that's the best way to do it. Would love your input on this.
  8. Hi everyone, got first 3 sales. rejected 2 for stripe fraud red flag. fulfilled another and it appeared to be a fraud ). funny day ) 3ds is required for card activated in stripe. how do you check for fraud guys? is my stripe fraud setup correct? thanks for sharing.
  9. are there any admins who can help me out? I got banned for a post that was barely causing harm and I won't post about making a group again I guess, i wasn't selling or promoting anything 6 months later i'm still trying to get access, I replied emails and posted here without any reply yet
  10. I have this same issue. I can’t even run ads anymore. I’ve tried almost everything and nothing works. If anyone finds a solution PLEASE reply to this thread.
  11. Ja77


    PS... all gone, all solved! Life is good. Thanks VerumEcom for your help! JL
  12. Ja77


    Dear Verum folks... I just paid & signed up to the course, no Kajabi access since 2-3 days. Sent email to support, messages even in FB... CAN SOMEONE KINDLY ANSWER ME? check your support@verum... and your john@verum.... Guys, c’mon. it’s a basic fast thing. Give me access or STOP YouTube Ads!!! thanks in advance to kindly help / reply. best regards JL
  13. trevaun


    AM I THE ONLY WHOS FRUSTRATED TO THE MAX BECAUSE THE VERUM TEAM DOESNT COMMUNICATE???? I BEEN ASKED FOR A REFUND 2-3 WEEKS AGO AND IVE GOTTEN NO EMAIL BACK PERTAINING TO GIVING ME MY MONEY BACK. I honestly really wanted to be a part of the course but after a week of asking i was never sent my kajabi login info. I understand it’s 4 people and all but it’s not my fault you can’t handle all your PAYING customers who should be treated as a priority. Get more people on your team or make adjustments to the way you handle customers. I just want my money back man
  14. Hi Do I need to register for shopify store or shall I hire a web developer to create website for my dropshipping business? Please afvice Thanks
  15. I recently got the Amex gold card and have set up an employee card as a backup for some POD stores I run. If I use that card on my friends FB BM and use the main card (my card) on my FB account will FB be able to see the business name associated with the card and potentially shut both BMs down? Or will FB only see the employees name and not be able to see the business? I already got the billing address changed on the employee card and it seems like when I did a test payment on my shopify store that the only thing that pops up in the processor was my employees name.
  16. Hey All friends, I am pleased to talk to you, I need your support and help, am new to shopify, I am in shopify since 2 months, I made 14 sales in Nov 2020, compared to a very little number in Dec 2020, I applied all things (John) advised in his respected and valuable training course, NEED TO KNOW WHY SALES BECOME VERY LIMITED IN DECEMBER?,....I wonder is that due to people being busy in dec?....or is there an understood issue? ....want to know from you and always ask myself where is this problem coming from? Please,need your advice?
  17. Hi, I was banned from the fb verum ecom group and I have no idea why. Can someone help me please? I was not promoting anything or engaging in suspicious activity. Thank you!
  18. Dennis Lieu


    Did you get a reply, this forum isn't as active either
  19. Erick


    Can I have a refund? Been sending emails but no reply.
  20. Hi, I want to know if I can learn from the ProjectVerum videos. The question mean that, I have not purchased the course, rather my friend did. And since I failed in stores, he shared the course so I can improve on my knowledge. He shared the course not in terms of selling at all, but just like sharing a book in schools with brothers or friends. So I want to know if it is okay that I learn from your videos? I really respect business values and try to be as honest as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards,
  21. Hello Masters. Really new in Dropshipping and need some solid advice. My website offers worldwide shipping but my target is United States Regarding shipping. In Aliexpress free shipping Cainiao but it's says 30 to 50 days to United States with no tracking. Do I have to select another one with lesser days and with tracking to avoid complaints? What will happen if other countries buy it? 30 to 50 days also? Do I have put a disclaimer to wait for 30 to 50 days in my site? This is my first store that is why I am very careful. Thank you in advance.
  22. NelsonC

    no sales

    HI John, i try to follow our guidance , but no workable, pls adv
  23. Hi There i have a few question about the course is there someone i can message ?
  24. NelsonC

    landing page

    I have this problem, no sales, I follow your teaching. Some visitors, but no sales. Here is my website Fihalll.com Pls adv what to do next. Thx
  25. i have selected the images from unsplash , do i need to write anything on this page, and should i include my logo to get more converting sales. thanks.
  26. Willy

    Turbo Ad Finder

    Hello guys. Wish u all well. I could not find the turn on switch for Turbo Ad Finder on my facebook.com/ads/conferences. Anyone can help, pls? Thx.
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