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  2. Hello guys I read here and in the Facebook group "7D click, 1D view" is recommended as conversion window. I wonder why. What is the foundation. Thanks so much.
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  4. Hey everyone I'm Guillaume (English is not my primary language sorry) I just want to share with you my story because I believe it could maybe inspire some of you since I just passed the mark of being profitable with dropshipping after more than 1.5 years of struggling. 2 weeks ago I never made any profits with ecommerce, right now, I'm making about 200-300$ in sales a day with 48% profit margins and I'm currently trying to scale. I though maybe some of you could relate a bit more to my story because I'm still in the early stages of my... dropshipping carreer? I guess. First of all, I guess you're thinking: Wow, 1.5 years, that's a long time before seeing any success. I just wanna say that this business is 90% mindset. The reason it took me 1.5 years is because for the first 12-14 months I had a very bad mindset. I saw failure as the end of the world instead of an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Everytime I failed (which is inevitable when you're just starting) I would turn off the ads, shut down my store and tell myself some BS stories about how DS is too saturated etc. Then I would take a break of a couple weeks before finding the motivation to try 1 more store, rince and repeat for 12-14 months. A couple months ago I read a book by Alex Becker : 10 pillars of wealth. And in this book there is a chapter that talks about the fact that if you want to be very successful at something, you have to be willing to be better than 99% of the competition (Knowledge wise and work ethic wise). This really reasonated with me because it made me realize that I would never see any results operating the way I do. From that day I promised myself I would do everything I can to succeed. And that's what I did. I worked countless hours, watched videos after videos. I actually put some time and efforts to create a very professional looking website with great customer service, email marketing, upsales, bundles, tracking etc. I believe that the people who make dropshipping look easy are not scammers at all, but their definition of easy is different than most people. For the ''old me'' working 4h a day on my website was hard, I prefered playing League of Legend instead (And I'm hardstuck Gold so wtf). Wow that was longer than I though, basically all I want to say is that you're a lot closer to success than you think. All you gotta do is change your mindset and commit to be the best version of yourself and actually put in the work and mental effort to succeed. Also, take some time to THINK. If you work very hard without reflecting on what you're doing wrong, it'll be hard to succeed. Hope my story inspired you. 🙂
  5. Hello i have a question about which country's to target during this pendimec situation the T4 or e-packet list or worldwide with some excluded country's
  6. Hey, I'm new here but was just reading through a few comments. That's solid you have an efficient sales funnel, I'm still learning about increasing conversion rates. Have you tried some analysis with Google Trends yet? You can nail down geographical popularity and related searches do choose effective keywords, determine seasonality, different trends and you can compare it to other products, interests etc. You could have a market somewhere that could be an opportunity. Do you have a compelling landing page? Just some thought, thought I'd start to engage with other people who are getting into this market. Joe
  7. Hello verum team I've received lots of recommendations regarding your projects recently. Other experts demand at least 2000$ for their courses. So I was wondering if that's projectverum.org the only course you provide? I've been running my shop for almost 2 months now, and I already made my first $1k in the first month, however, to grow further, I'd need to fill some gaps: 1) finding winning products with long-term success rate/last longer 2) improve Facebook ads skills I've been using Adspy until now, but only 1 of 12 products was successful and has been generating conversions for almost 2 weeks. Now it's likely dead, too. So yeah, will the mentioned course help me move out of stagnancy and significantly increase sales? I tend not to put much expectations in it because of its price.. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Raim
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    I need to ask a question on verum course materials, however the support section is not working. Where can i redirect it ?
  9. Can anyone recommend a Agent to find products other then dealing with AliExpress. I am looking for a company that offers full service, from finding best prices, to shipping, custom packaging. Anyone that has a Agent and is currently working with them. Thanks for your help
  10. Hi boys and girls, I hope you're doing great! To make this short, i have this webshop called: http://celebratingyou.eu/ We've have huge problems with conversions on the webshop (located in spain) We've had alot of ATC, but i simply don't understand why people aren't converting. The funnel is tested, and it works. Anyone from Spain who can put their eyes on it, or maybe someone can make me smarter? Thank you in advance - looking forward to your answers. Lucas :´)
  11. I have been experiencing the same issue. The only thing I can think of is FB only allows aged accounts to create ad accounts. So maybe you have to have the FB account around for a while with some normal activity before making a FB Ads account. I am not sure if this is the answer, I am just guessing because I tried almost everything else that I can think of. if you have solved this problem please let us know the answer.
  12. I have been trying to get access to the private facebook group as a part of purchasing the Foundations program. I've been trying for over 3 weeks now. I have reached out to support during that time as well and have been told it they are working on it. I have re-submitted my request several times and included my email address that I purchased and login into the Foundations program with each time. Can someone please help? G
  13. Hi! On the Youtube Facebook Ads Dropshipping 2020 - Full strategy walk through video, On phase 1, the ad sets get duplicated x 10. On the Verum course video the ad sets get duplicated by 3. Can you explain to me the difference? Other thing I'm struggling is duplicating my winning audiences to phase 2. This is what I'm doing: I select my 2 winning audiences from phase 1 - Click Duplicate - New Campaign - Number of copies 6 - When i click on the new campaign - I see all the no winning audiences from phase 1. Is this normal? Do I have to delete the no winning audience one by one? I hope you can help me with these questions. Thanks!
  14. Should I create a CBO with 5 Adsets for a LAA with 1%,3%,5%,7%,10% or 1%,1-3%,3-5% 5-7%,7-10% to avoid the overlap? Which is better ?
  15. Hello Guys! Do you recommend 3 good interest and putting them into 1 adset? or 1 adset per each interest? And do you recommend narrowing audience with a second layer? or just keeping it 1 layer?
  16. Hi, can we do dropshipping in USA although I am not from USA. I mean say a website that caters to US audience and also dropshipping from USA suppliers itself. With my paypal account of India. And I can follow the course from Verum (specifically dropshippping from sources in USA) and do that with website serving USA. Do we need a US company or address for this?
  17. better to read reviews ....lots of negative reviews 2checkout
  18. what do you use payment processor in your Shopipy checkout? I am in Montenegro ,,,How to apply ec processing thier site not show up where to registed? thank you for the response
  19. what do you use payment processor in your Shopipy checkout? I am in Montenegro
  20. ahhh ok, i was thinking i broke the rules with that post as i know a lot of guys try selling shit through DM
  21. FAcebook ads are consider VAT neutral, you have to include them, but you also put them as income.. its a weird thing, but it actually depends on where you facebook company is based, for eg Im uk but facebook ireland deal with mine , so for me I have to put paid out VAT to FB , but then also declare it VAT income, its quite complex as its primarily based on your location and FB who you pay
  22. i actually wonder if the group has been deleted, i notice today there is nothing there, cannot see anything even searching for the group nothing shows up. So has someone either gone rogue or have they just deleted it full stop
  23. Here's the post I made last night amongst other groups "@Admin - delete if not allowed Looking to get a small group of "all in" type dropshippers together on skype/FB. Basically a group to share tips and ideas Preferably people doing 3 figures a day in sales or more but more importantly you're doing this on a daily basis as your full time gig. DM if interested, i am not selling anything" Just wanted to know if i could get unbanned if this post was not allowed
  24. you don't pay an additional 20%, i am not qualified to say how it works but my accountant asked for the receipts from FB and dealt with them
  25. Hello John, Feel free to PM and i might answer some of your Questions.
  26. Hi guys,How are you doing? I hope all is well. I'm thinking about buying Verum's course and that's why I'm reaching out in hope's people on here that bought the course will be nice enough to help ...I have a few things to ask:1. Do you have a Syllabus for the course? I want to go over the topics and see how in-depth the course really is before buying it.2. Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior experience in running Ads on FB and e-commerce?3. Does it teach in the course on how to open and set up a Shopify store from beginning to end including the Settings section in the back end and the Finances (Payment gateways - even for people that are outside of the US and don't have the option for Shopify Payments)?4. In terms for Facebook ads, is the course suited for someone that has never done any Facebook ads before? I'm only asking since in the YouTube videos John is a great instructor but he's going really fast and it looks like he's talking to people who are very experienced with Facebook ads.5. Do it go through How to read and analyze the results you see in the Ads manager for the campaigns? I saw the video for the Facebook Ads, and John just explained what Columns are needs and what to check but didn't go in deep or gave any examples of how to read the data and how to optimize it.6. Can I pay with PayPal when I buy the course?I have a lot of passion and motivation and I want to start my first Drop-shipping store but I want a good course that will show me how to build a strong store, run ads, and analyze the results for better understanding how to change and target the right audience for better results.I bought a few courses in the past from other YouTube'rs and was frustrated that they didn't explain everything.I hope to hear back from you soon so I'll be able to buy the course.thank you in advance, John
  27. Hey,I just started becoming profitable with my store and I started researching all the tax and legal stuff for my country (Poland). My accountant says I need to pay VAT on my Facebook ads which would obviously eat my profit.Here is a Facebook article which confirms what she's saying and as I see it applies to most of the EU countries, not only Poland: (for some reason I can't post the link here, so I'm attaching a screenshot)It's really confusing for me because I've literally never heard anyone talk about it.For anyone who has a company in the UK or EU in general, how are you dealing with this? Is it possible to make a decent profit while paying over 20% (depending on the country) additional on Facebook?
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