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  3. Hi, My name is Adam I am from Canada and new in the Dropshipping looking for a guidelines and Mentor. Thanks
  4. Greetings I just listed to John's video regarding selling during covid 19.I really like the wifi extender for my store. The only issue is I just saw it on Walmart's web site for $24.69.Should I continue with this product or abandon it?Thank so muchRick
  5. Thanks And Thanks man. I from russia, can write to you?
  6. So the Facebook group (where all this started) is in desperate need of some additional moderators.. Im on it a lot, and fed up of seeing scammers profit from either hacked themes or downloaded courses. Problem is because the current moderators are only on their time zone by time the reported posts get booted they are long out of date (had one took 3 days to remove) this is neither good for the group, or even worse for the original creators (and yes i include your own verums course....) So would be good if some form of additional admins were created or certainly group moderators to ban these maggots who profit of back of others work
  7. Hi Guys, I am doing dropshipping over a year now and did in revenue over 1 mil usd (10-15%) profit. At the end of last year and beginning of this year my results were really poor, so I started to learn and finally found Verum and bought his course. However from some reason my facebook profile got disabled. I am still in process of recovering that profile, but I am not sure if I get it back, so I would like to ask you guys if you have similar experience and how to solve it? I ve created another profile and start running my winning product there (different IP, payment, domain, email) and it did well, however in some point facebook decided that need to confirm my identity and requested ID, so basically this profile is dead. I am going to create my dads profile, so in case I can confirm his identity but I don´t know if it will work. Do any of you guys have an experience with similar situation? How did you proceed then? Cheers! Radek
  8. Hi Haseem, I am also From Turkey; and I have the same problem as you! did you find a solution?
  9. Where do I find good videos to create ads? Search sites!
  10. Hello meus manos. hope you are all doing well Super grateful to be here, it was very good to find this forum. well, about me, i'm just a 21 year old Brazilian university student trying to make 5k dollars to pay for 1 F$@# YEAR of consumables for my tattoo studio. ( In that amount I calculated from the rent to the coffee.) I hope to find a lot more knowledge with you guys. As we speak here in my region. Um salve pra quem fica. e valeu.
  11. Your pricing is showing as 2.221USD for me I'd also limit your pop ups, especially forced. All seems Spammy
  12. Please rate my store dglass7.com. I have visitors to my website but got only few sales. Please let me know. What can I improve with my website? Thank you so much guys.
  13. Is there a coupon code here. Would like to get the course.
  14. Hi guys, i'm new to this e-commerce and i don't know which to actually start with and need advice. Can anyone explain what's the differences with shopify , woo-commerce , oberlo platform? why everyone is choosing shopify instead?
  15. while searching in google about how to form llc i fond www.wyregisteredagent.net and i was about to join them to form LLC do you please have any idea about them or there work i mean do you really advice me to form llc with them thanks in advance
  16. while doing payout to your bank account they will ask you for SSN number to verify your identity then what what you will do ? you will find your self in close way to solve it with shopify.
  17. charlie

    Stripe in Mexico

    and living in mexico
  18. charlie

    Stripe in Mexico

    Can I use stripe if i´m from mexico?
  19. Sorry I have not been well, and had real life, that actually coincided with covid 🙂 so will give a latest update by the end of the week, and how things went for the couple of weeks that we were running prior to covid killing me temporarily So please keep an eye open, 🙂 thanks for the comment.
  20. https://ibb.co/7VpRt9H (aligned right, and left part is empty.. so ugly when the product description is long) vs https://ibb.co/LpYLHY2 (nice 2 column product description) I tried a few free themes in shopify, they are all the same like 1, How to make the product description two column on the product page?
  21. Well done with the store design. I would recommend adding links to your social media just in case a potential customer clicked. Overall very solid store with great potential if you keep tweaking it for best results. In regards to sales, it could be more about the marketing approach. This is just beginning man, keep grinding!
  22. Need help urgent! I by mistake removed myself as admin from my business facebook page. Is there a way to get my rights of owner back of the page? Please help.
  23. Hello everyone, I just wanted to drop in and drop my two cents on something important and hopefully get a healthy discussion going. After doing this for a few years (you can learn more about my backstory here), I have realized a few truths as far as marketing is concerned. Way too many beginners and even intermediate practitioners get lost in chasing the latest hacks and trends as far as ad platforms are concerned. For purposes of this discussion, I'll only be referring to Facebook ads, and by extension, Instagram ads are also included. I used to binge content on YouTube and trying to learn the biggest hack or trick. I would get all excited every time and run a campaign with this new "master" strategy in hopes of making the big bucks. More often than not, it would not work as well as it was originally presented to me on YouTube. I'm sure many of you can relate. The thing we all need to realize is Facebook's AI is immensely powerful. Most recently, I learned about something called the Power of Five. It is one of Facebook's newest innovations on their ad platform. Facebook has become so advanced that it essentially does all the heavy lifting for you. Most tricks and hacks are short-lived as Facebook is continuously changing its algorithm. Some tactic that you learned about off a YouTube video posted in April has probably been used by that uploader for a good month at least before he uploaded it. A lot can change in 2 months. There is absolutely zero tactics that have stood the test of time as far as Facebook is concerned. What doesn't change is human psychology. What doesn't change is consumer behavior. What doesn't change are fundamental marketing principles. This is why, over the last few months, I completely stopped watching those latest Facebook ads hack videos. I'm not saying you should do the same, but I highly suggest that you move the majority of your focus to learn basic marketing theories. Study the big guys within your niche, look at their marketing campaigns, their messaging, the images, the language, the colors. Look at their influencer plays, their focus on user-generated content. It's very easy to get sucked into the mentality of racing after the quick bucks utilizing some trick or hack, but it doesn't last forever. I don't know what your motivations are and what your long-term plans are, but I can assure you that if you were to focus more on the basic fundamentals of human behavior and marketing, your dollars would go a lot further. All I'm trying to say is focus on being a better advertiser and marketer, not just an ad buyer. Those are two different things and Facebook is on a mission to put ad-buyers out of business. When all is said is done, its the real advertisers who will be able to adapt to anything. Facebook Ads updates or changes become irrelevant to you when you're a master of human psychology and marketing. Here are some books that I have read or am currently studying to get a better practical understanding of it all. If books are not your thing, study affiliate marketers. There's a channel called Affiliate World Conferences that has great videos on different areas within marketing. Books: Building Strong Brands - David Aaker Buyology Truth and Lies About Why We Buy - Martin Lindstrom Ogilvy on Advertising - David Ogilvy Overdeliver - Brian Kurtz
  24. Hey everybody, I just finished up day one of testing and trying to get some feedback on my ads. Using Verum LB strategy but higher ticket item. Sell price $80. US only targeting. 10 Interests, audience sizes for 5 of the adsets are 30M+ and the other 5 are 1-5M range. CPM's are very high on this particular test averaging ~$35. As a result CPC's are also high at around $2. Probably from only targeting US and high demand interests. My average unique CTR (link) is pretty decent though at 1.5% but the winning creative is more around 2%. Take a look at the screenshots and let me know what you think. Turned of the losing ad after first day, both were above $1 though but was curious to see how the winning creative would do on day two. If no ATC/Content views then was thinking scrapping ads and starting over with 2 fresh ones. What would you do in this situation? Try to test bigger audience sizes or new creatives? If you were testing creatives what would be your approach seeing my stats, firsts 3 sec/different angle/thumbnail?
  25. Hi Jordan thank you so much for your feedback, I will add more products and blogs soon. Really thankful for your feedback dude.
  26. I'm kind of a beginner to facebook ads. Is it okay to have two different campaigns running with the same creative? One campaign is scaling an interest that is profitable while the other is looking for other possible interest. Would this affect anything? Thank you for your time
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