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  3. Willy

    Product Research

    Hello successors, How are u all? I am new to the game and I just have a question to see if any of u can give an idea please. What should I ask for when I hire someone to find winning products for dropshipping? Thx.
  4. Recom.ai   Upsell & Cross sell is a recommendation app that helps a client to boost its sale for certain products and services that are given to the customers. It helps you in marketing to boost your sales if you have any online stores to trade or do business with clients like Amazon and other such apps. its powerful AI helps you sort out the best and top recommendations so that it can become easier for you to decide what you should do, and what not to. With the help of this app, your business can grow more and more with effective marketing strategy resulting in gathering the right audience to your online store.
  5. A tricky question for you guys. I have 2 websites operated on Shopify. When you land on www.nafsi.online there's a pop up that prompts you to go to the location closest to you. If you pick "Canada, USA, Europe" you're shifted to ca.nafsi.online - otherwise you stay on the same page. Both websites are identical, they just hold respective inventory & currencies. Some items may be available in the Middle East and aren't in the Canadian store. My question is; would I run a campaign targeting all these locations or create 2 campaigns & keep websites separate? I currently have one pixel for each website. It's probably more economical to do it on 1 ad campaign, but I want to make sure that's the best way to do it. Would love your input on this.
  6. Hi everyone, got first 3 sales. rejected 2 for stripe fraud red flag. fulfilled another and it appeared to be a fraud ). funny day ) 3ds is required for card activated in stripe. how do you check for fraud guys? is my stripe fraud setup correct? thanks for sharing.
  7. are there any admins who can help me out? I got banned for a post that was barely causing harm and I won't post about making a group again I guess, i wasn't selling or promoting anything 6 months later i'm still trying to get access, I replied emails and posted here without any reply yet
  8. I have this same issue. I can’t even run ads anymore. I’ve tried almost everything and nothing works. If anyone finds a solution PLEASE reply to this thread.
  9. Ja77


    PS... all gone, all solved! Life is good. Thanks VerumEcom for your help! JL
  10. Ja77


    Dear Verum folks... I just paid & signed up to the course, no Kajabi access since 2-3 days. Sent email to support, messages even in FB... CAN SOMEONE KINDLY ANSWER ME? check your support@verum... and your john@verum.... Guys, c’mon. it’s a basic fast thing. Give me access or STOP YouTube Ads!!! thanks in advance to kindly help / reply. best regards JL
  11. trevaun


    AM I THE ONLY WHOS FRUSTRATED TO THE MAX BECAUSE THE VERUM TEAM DOESNT COMMUNICATE???? I BEEN ASKED FOR A REFUND 2-3 WEEKS AGO AND IVE GOTTEN NO EMAIL BACK PERTAINING TO GIVING ME MY MONEY BACK. I honestly really wanted to be a part of the course but after a week of asking i was never sent my kajabi login info. I understand it’s 4 people and all but it’s not my fault you can’t handle all your PAYING customers who should be treated as a priority. Get more people on your team or make adjustments to the way you handle customers. I just want my money back man
  12. Hi Do I need to register for shopify store or shall I hire a web developer to create website for my dropshipping business? Please afvice Thanks
  13. I recently got the Amex gold card and have set up an employee card as a backup for some POD stores I run. If I use that card on my friends FB BM and use the main card (my card) on my FB account will FB be able to see the business name associated with the card and potentially shut both BMs down? Or will FB only see the employees name and not be able to see the business? I already got the billing address changed on the employee card and it seems like when I did a test payment on my shopify store that the only thing that pops up in the processor was my employees name.
  14. Hey All friends, I am pleased to talk to you, I need your support and help, am new to shopify, I am in shopify since 2 months, I made 14 sales in Nov 2020, compared to a very little number in Dec 2020, I applied all things (John) advised in his respected and valuable training course, NEED TO KNOW WHY SALES BECOME VERY LIMITED IN DECEMBER?,....I wonder is that due to people being busy in dec?....or is there an understood issue? ....want to know from you and always ask myself where is this problem coming from? Please,need your advice?
  15. Hi, I was banned from the fb verum ecom group and I have no idea why. Can someone help me please? I was not promoting anything or engaging in suspicious activity. Thank you!
  16. Dennis Lieu


    Did you get a reply, this forum isn't as active either
  17. Erick


    Can I have a refund? Been sending emails but no reply.
  18. Hi, I want to know if I can learn from the ProjectVerum videos. The question mean that, I have not purchased the course, rather my friend did. And since I failed in stores, he shared the course so I can improve on my knowledge. He shared the course not in terms of selling at all, but just like sharing a book in schools with brothers or friends. So I want to know if it is okay that I learn from your videos? I really respect business values and try to be as honest as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards,
  19. Hello Masters. Really new in Dropshipping and need some solid advice. My website offers worldwide shipping but my target is United States Regarding shipping. In Aliexpress free shipping Cainiao but it's says 30 to 50 days to United States with no tracking. Do I have to select another one with lesser days and with tracking to avoid complaints? What will happen if other countries buy it? 30 to 50 days also? Do I have put a disclaimer to wait for 30 to 50 days in my site? This is my first store that is why I am very careful. Thank you in advance.
  20. NelsonC

    no sales

    HI John, i try to follow our guidance , but no workable, pls adv
  21. Hi There i have a few question about the course is there someone i can message ?
  22. NelsonC

    landing page

    I have this problem, no sales, I follow your teaching. Some visitors, but no sales. Here is my website Fihalll.com Pls adv what to do next. Thx
  23. i have selected the images from unsplash , do i need to write anything on this page, and should i include my logo to get more converting sales. thanks.
  24. Willy

    Turbo Ad Finder

    Hello guys. Wish u all well. I could not find the turn on switch for Turbo Ad Finder on my facebook.com/ads/conferences. Anyone can help, pls? Thx.
  25. Hi everyone: My name is louis and I've started just started dropshipping about a week ago. I just wanted to ask if paying for products a good way to start. I'm thinking about spocket, please let me know what you think. thank you all
  26. Hey guys, Now if you own an ecommerce business, you most likely need to have an effective and awesome email marketing campaign for the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday. The people on your email list have their credit cards ready, right beside them, waiting for the right moment… and are DYING to spend some money. It’s easy to make sales by just blasting out a few emails, no doubt. But there are some “buying triggers” you can deploy to really make this week the most profitable week of your entire year. So, before I show you the sequence, I just wanna lay it out there that… Keep in mind that I have no idea how much you are going to make if you run this. It all depends on your products, your market, your relationship with your list and your offers… among a plethora of other factors. But if you’ve got a decent sized list and products that people actually want to buy… You could probably make a fortune. Principles In Play Offer a discount. Set a time limit/expiration date. Offer a bunch of valuable bonuses that disappear after the deadline. Send multiple emails about it. If you just did this, it would do wonders in your sales. I’ve learnt that there are a few ways to make it even better depending on your offer. You don’t have to send just 4 emails over 4 days. You can do more than that. Which made me create my own little version of this sequence for my clients. Things To Keep In Mind The most IMPORTANT thing in this particular promotion is crafting a good if not a very good offer. So, here are a few ways you can make your offers have even more selling power: Offer a limited time discount from 10–60% Include bonuses just for this promotion that disappear once it ends. Drip in bonuses each day. On day 1 you add bonus 1. On day 2, you tell them they not only get bonus 1, but also bonus 2. On day 3, they get bonus 1 & 2 and also bonus 3. Etc… Add an inventory or unit limit. Maybe you only want to offer this to the first 500-1000 people. Maybe that’s all you have in stock or maybe you just want to offer this to a small group of people who make quick decisions. Just make sure it’s REAL scarcity. And cut it off when you say you will. You can play around with these persuasion triggers. You can use just one, just two or all of them It’s your offer. Your choice. Your sale. You decide what works for you. But the more triggers you have, the more compelling and persuasive it will be. The Sequence Your email sequence is going to run for five days. And over the course of these five days, you’re going to send 7 emails. Day 1 - Thanksgiving This email is just a heartfelt message from you thanking them for always being a loyal friend who always reads your emails. Make it real and make it come from the heart. Make it look and feel like a one-to-one convo. This email has no link and there is nothing to click. At the end of the email, or even in the P.S. just let them know that tomorrow is going to be one of the biggest sales you’re ever gonna have in your company’s history. Day 2 - Black Friday Oh boy. Now, it’s ON!. This email is where you lay out the details of the sale. Now, you got a choice here. If you do NOT have a lot of products that are on sale, you might want to include what products you’re selling in the email. For instance: “This posture corrector (or whatever cool product you got) is 50% or 60% off. Plus, I’m also throwing in…” If you do have a lot of products that are on sale, your objective is to make them click through and see what the deals are. The psychology here is that you want to get them onto your landing page or website. So don’t tell them what the deals are. Rather say, “Go here and check them out for yourself.” If you can do that, the copy on your landing page will take care of everything else. Tell them that this sale is for Black Friday. You don’t have to mention anything about the next few days - they’ll find out tomorrow. Day 3 - Saturday After Black Friday Today, you’re going to tell them that you’re extending the sale all the way to Monday. Show them how big of a success it has been (social proof), include a couple of customer reviews, and then reiterate the details of the sale again. List out all the discounts, bonuses and scarcity for them again. Finish it up by letting them know that the deadline is on Monday at midnight. Day 4 - Sunday After Black Friday Today, you again reiterate the details of the sale. Tell them again about the bonuses. Tell them again about the scarcity. Let them know that it ends tomorrow at midnight. Up the ante for Cyber Monday by adding in a special bonus that you’ll reveal tomorrow. Simple, straightforward and to the point. Day 5 - Cyber Monday It’s TIME! Time to go crayzay. Mail 3x today. 8am. 4pm. 11pm. Really push the scarcity buttons here. Reiterate the deal. Let them know about the bonuses again. Hammer home the scarcity and urgency of the offer. Handle an objection or two or more. Do it 3 times. This should be your biggest day of sales by far. ----------------------- You don’t have to be Shakespeare to write this campaign. It’s idiot proof. Do not overthink or overcomplicate this. Just be as clear as possible and mention the details of the sale. Remember that this is BF/CM weekend. People are already in a buying mood. They’ve already subconsciously told themselves that they are going to spend money this weekend when all the sales hit. If you’ve already got products that people want with a good offer that converts, they won’t think twice before opening their wallets for you. So this brings me to the end of this topic. I really hope this post was quite informative and valuable to you. If you have any questions leave them below and I’ll get back to them soon.
  27. Hey guys, The sequences I'm gonna talk about today have been put to use by countless other email marketers and e-commerce brands. As a result of which they've been able to generate an extra 20%-30% of sales from emails for either their clients or for their own brand which was previously untapped revenue (imagine that). So without further ado... Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Sequence #1 - Cart Abandonment The fact is that the overwhelming majority of shopping carts are going to be abandoned. So you need to have a sequence in place that gets people back into it. As per industry statistics, 70% of shopping carts are abandoned. If all you did was capture 10% of those sales, how much money would that add to your business? This happens all the time, for many reasons you might not expect. Some business owners think, “If people are abandoning the cart, they just don’t want my product.” That’s not true at all. Sometimes life happens, the customer may have a problem checking out, there could be some technical difficulties, they may just be window shopping, etc. Start implementing an abandoned cart template and start seeing sales. Even with just a three to six email sequence, you’d be amazed by how powerful that can be. A lot of people think, “If we send the first cart abandonment email and they didn’t buy, they don’t want it.” That’s not the case at all. By sending that second email the next day and the third email the day after that, and so on and so forth you can capture 50% more sales just by having those two follow-ups. It’s very powerful. Do it as a sequence. Here's an example structure you could implement over a 5-6 day period: Just send them a gentle reminder to complete their checkout process and Tell them more about your brand/identity and what your mission is. But at the same time give them a gentle nudge to complete their purchase. Send over a 10-15% discount with some scarcity to help push them across the line Good time to show social proof/reviews and also mention that the coupon/discount is gonna expire soon... Talk about the outcome of the product and the impact it will have on the customer. Keep it very personal and conversational. Increase the discount to 20% telling them how much you want to get this product on their hands. Again, send them a reminder that their coupon will expire soon and address any questions or queries they might have. Sequence #2 - Browse Abandonment This is a GREAT sequence. Obviously, a lot of factors go into it, but it’s still super powerful because the browse abandonment sequence just follows up with someone if they simply look at an item but don’t add it to their cart. Sometimes people just need a little bit of a gentle reminder. This should be a three-email sequence that’s nice and simple. We just follow up with these people. Do keep in mind, you’re not going to get 100% of people to buy. But the goal was not to get 100% of people to buy from that sequence. Even if you’re only getting 2% to 4% of people to purchase through that sequence, out of 500 people, if 10 people buy an average order value of $50 (which can happen every single day), it’s $500 a day. These small increments in sales add up over the course of the month and with the cart abandonment sequence in place, the numbers can definitely get a bit wild! The browse abandonment recovers sales by providing a gentle nudge. All you have to do is just show the product in the email, pulling it in dynamically for each person. You basically say, “Hey, did you have any questions? Were you interested in this?” And enough people will actually say “Yes, actually, I was. Thanks for reminding me,” and then they buy it. Sequence #3 - Welcome The whole goal of the welcome sequence is to get people to make that first purchase. It gets sent out to people who opt-in to your email list on your website via a pop-up, a floating opt-in bar or an exit pop-up. All these work well. Some brands will offer a 10% or 20% off coupon if you join their list and then they get put into their welcome sequence. The goal of that welcome sequence, obviously, is to make that first purchase. You want to get them to use that coupon code, but not everyone is ready to buy. Keep in mind, you also want to use this sequence as an opportunity to share your origin stories, explain why you’re different, share success stories, testimonials, value content, etc. That’s what will keep them coming back for more. This sequence gives you the opportunity to build a strong bond with your customers, and as well as increase their trust and loyalty towards your brand. Here’s a basic structure of this sequence: ● Email 1 - Provide the value/discount they signed up for ● Email 2 - Tell your story and explain why you’re different ● Email 3 - Frame the problem, show how other companies are different, and how you help to solve the problem ● Email 4 - Share a success story/case study/testimonial ● Email 5 - Share a success story/case study/testimonial ● Email 6 - Value add (content works well) ● Email 7 - Value add + pitch Sequence #4 - The Order Confirmation Email The order confirmation sequence will definitely not be your highest-performing in terms of percentage revenue, but this might be one of the most important emails you can ever send. On an average they get a 50-90% open rate. Right now, your customers are getting order confirmation emails, but they probably suck (no disrespect). They’re usually super simple and sound something like this: “Hey, thanks for your order. Here’s your tracking number, here’s your receipt, and here’s our support email, and have a good day.” If that’s it, you’re doing the bare minimum. And you’re wasting a HUGE opportunity to build your brand and make sales. When you write one of these emails, they should really make an impression. When you have a fun, exciting, lighthearted, funny order confirmation email, you just build fans for life. An example of an order confirmation email that you could use: Hey [First Name], The very moment I saw that you bought <product>... I got a little excited. I stood up from my chair, climbed on top of a couch and yelled out, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER… [First Name] JUST bought <product> !!!” I gotta admit… the other people at the office were NOT as excited as I was. I didn’t care, though. It was at that moment, I knew you and I were gonna become the best of friends. I’ve not written out the entire email but you get my point. See how fun that was to read. Once customers order and read an email similar to the above one, there’s a much higher chance they’ll keep coming back to buy again. You can even put offers in these emails. These emails may not get a lot of sales but even an extra $20, $50, $100 a day is money you weren’t capturing before. Sequence #5 - Pre-Shipping Email Not everyone uses this one, but send this either immediately or a few hours after someone buys, you can actually send them an upsell email. This “Pre-Shipping” email basically says, “Hey, I just want to say thanks so much for your order. Just so you know, we’re right about to ship it out. Would you like us to throw in another unit of whatever you just bought?” You can even ask them if they want to buy an accessory product or something that complements the original product better. Again, this depends on your business and niche. Getting two to four sales a day from this sequence at an AOV of $50 adds up to $100 to $200 extra daily revenue. Even if it’s only $100 a day in extra revenue, that’s $36,500 a year at a minimum… on the low end from a simple "Pre-Shipping" email. Sequence #6 - Post-Purchase Review Email Gathering reviews provides incredible social proof. I read a statistic that 80% or 90% of people will read reviews before they make a buying decision about something online. It’s super duper important. People always ask people whom they trust. They want to get someone else’s opinion. As the business owner or the marketer, you need to find a way to incentivize people to include those reviews. Here’s what you do… Try sending out an automated email after a certain amount of time passes, once they’ve had a chance to not only receive the product but also to use it. In this email you send them, you want to ask them what they think about it. You can incentivize these people to get them to respond. An easy way to do this is to say, “Hey, leave us a review. We’ll give you X percent off towards your next purchase.” You’ll get a number of people to not only leave their reviews and feedback but they’ll also end up making a second or third purchase because of it. Sequence #7 - The VIP Sequence You know about the 80/20 rule yea? 20% of your customers are probably buying 80% of your products. I think that holds true for just about everything. Within your own customer list, 20% of your customers probably account for 80% of your revenue. Your VIP customers (the top 10%) are probably accounting for about 50% of your revenue if not more. If you’ve read any books on the 80/20 rule, you know that the math holds true. The top 10% of your list is your most valuable customers. These are people who spend the most money, the people who come back and buy over and over again. Make these customers feel special. Encourage and reward their loyalty, and thank them. These emails can be a bit goofy and fun too similar to the order confirmation email but you can take it one step further by asking them their opinion on how to make your brand better by filling out a short survey and incentivizing the survey by telling them. Again, the VIPs are ones who’ve purchased more than at least 3 times or have spent a certain amount of money on your store and not someone who’s not opened your emails in the past 60/90 days. You want to reward those customers, so they do more of that. Out of all the people on your list, your VIPs are probably the people who will MOST LIKELY buy and spend more. Sequence #8 - Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Automations After someone has bought, there’s always a time when they might want to buy again, and there are lots of ways to make this next purchase to happen. Maybe you sell a consumable. Someone’s almost run out of their face cream or finished their crate of wine bottles (or whatever it is). They’ve had 4 wine bottles in the past month, and now they don’t have stock. They need to buy more. Say it’s a 30-day supply. Maybe on day 20 or 21 after they’ve received it, once they’re almost done with it, we’ll send them an email to get them to re-up and buy some more. This is another way you can do this too, if you don’t have a consumable. Klaviyo has this cool feature, which works differently for each business. It’s not a perfect science, obviously. But based on the data from your customers and each customer’s profile on your system, it can kind of predict when they might be ready to make their next purchase. You can send an email, triggered by your customers’ predicted date of next purchase, that upsells them to get more of the product or to cross-sell other products. “Hey, you tried the skin cream. Why not try the body lotion?” Sequence #9 - Win-Back Sequence The win-back sequence is an email sequence sent to people who have not bought from your store in a looooong time. They haven’t bought from you for 30 to 60 to 90 days. It could even be longer, depending on the sales cycle or how long the supply of your product/s lasts. This probably won’t be your most profitable sequence, just because these people have demonstrated they might not want your product as much as you’d like. This is one of the sequences that get triggered by a customer NOT executing a certain behavior (buying). They haven’t bought in a while, so we want to give them an incentive to come back and place an order. You could run some kind of deadline-driven promotion over a period of 24 hours. You can make the discount a little bit bigger each time you do it. Basically, you pick a frequency. Send one email at 30 days, offer a discount, and try to get them to buy. If they don’t buy, send another email at 60 days, offer a slightly bigger discount, and try to get them to buy. If they don’t buy from that one, send them one at 90 days, and offer the biggest discount yet. Then you determine what you want to do with those people. You can choose to move them to an unengaged list or continue to market to them. ------------------------------------ That's all folks! If you work fast enough and get all these flows/automations set up, you might even grow your sales by 20%-30% in the next 30 days. To be honest, 20%-30% might even be an understatement. Again, this is not a PROMISE or GUARANTEE; not at all. I have to give the general disclaimer that there is only so much I can cover in a post and it takes a lot for a store/brand to be successful. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and I'll be glad to help.
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